The Glamour Room

Glamour Girls

Owner / Lash Queen (Rayne + Chelmsford)

As the owner of the Glamour Room, Krystal has 18 years of experience in this ever changing industry and prides herself on being an expert in all things beauty. She performs all treatments but is now focusing on Skin and Body Care with Caci Non-Surgical Solutions. Krystal is a Murad skin specialist, she was one of the first in the UK to stock and perform Murad Professional Facials in her previous salons. She is also known as ‘the lash queen’ and spends lots of her salon time performing lashes back to back. Krystal is obsessed with anything glamour related. She loves to dance and ensures every day is full of sparkle!

Health + Beauty Therpapist (Rayne)

Rianne is Level 3 qualified with additional courses. Her favourite treatment is Shellac Nails and being the perfectionist that she is your in safe hands (no pun intended!) Rianne also enjoys the holistic side of the beauty business and is the only one who offers reflexology, she likes finding all the points on the feet that reflect what is going on with the body, it’s rewarding making that client feel better and the clients are always amazed by the treatment. Who would of thought a foot massage could help your ailments?! Rianne loves a tipple or 2 (or 3) and her dog Dutch is her bestie!

Lash + Brow Artist (Chelmsford), Health + Beauty Therapist (Rayne)

Ellie is Level 3 qualified with additional courses under her belt. A real beauty geek, she loves to learn new treatments, skills and techniques. Loves doing lashes and brows because the results can make such a difference to the face, just by showing the simplest of features a little more love. She really enjoys all other beauty treatments as well and give every single client the TLC they deserve. Ellie loves weight training and going to yoga in her spare time and is good at finding little things in life to smile about and you to will be smiling once leaving the beauty chair.

Lash + Brow Artist (Chelmsford)

Charlie has been in the industry for 2 years and is obsessed with all things lashes and brows! She likes creating different lash looks on different eyes and enjoys seeing the end results. She loves the clients reaction when they have their very first set of lashes, it’s so rewarding and Charlie really takes pride in her work. Her moto is ‘Practice makes perfect’ and when she isn’t in salon she is home looking after her children and practicing her lash and brow techniques! Charlie is a young mum and dedicates the rest of her time to her family. Oh and keep your chocolate hidden away as we have a chocoholic on our hands!

Health + Beauty Therpapist (Rayne)

Laura enjoyed 3 years on the High Seas as a specialised massage therapist, before heading back to dry land to spend a further 5 years at an exclusive spa covering a range of beauty treatments. Laura loves to Glam up for a night at the Musicals with a cocktail or two & hopes to fly high on a magical carpet one day.

Front Of House (Chelmsford)

Currently studying photography at Chelmsford college but also is obsessed with all things lash and brow related. Knowledgable about our products and services, she can assist you with any information you need. Olivia isn’t afraid of colour and you will often see her with our ‘Unicorn’ multi-coloured lashes on! In her spare time she goes shooting and is very outdoorsy!